Comercial produzido pela igreja de McManus é finalista em concurso americano

LA megachurch hopes to win Super Bowl ad contest

Pastors have long competed with the NFL on Sundays, but this season a hipster megachurch is turning the tables with a 30-second ad that could muscle its way into that all holiest of sporting events: the Super Bowl.

Mosaic, a 3,000-member megachurch, is one of six finalists in the Doritos’ “Crash the Super Bowl” challenge with a lighthearted spoof that plays off the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

If the church’s ad, titled “Casket,” is among the top three vote-getters in an online playoff, it will air on Feb. 7 during the Super Bowl. If the commercial ranks in the top three most-popular ads among viewers, it could win its creators either $400,000, $600,000 or $1 million.

For Erwin McManus, Mosaic’s lead pastor, the ad competition represents a chance to make his faith relevant to one of the largest TV audiences in the nation when viewers least expect it _ and are least likely to tune out.

To that end, the congregation worked hard to make the 30-second spot look as slick as a professional ad and were careful to stick to the quirky, slapstick-style humor that’s expected by Super Bowl fans.

“We’re not trying to use Doritos to propagate a message, but I think we want people to know that we have a sense of humor, that it’s OK to laugh,” McManus said. “So much of what comes out of the faith community seems so dour and somber and we want to say, ‘Hey, we’re real people. You can be a person of faith and really enjoy life and laugh.” Leia +.

dica do Chicco Sal

estar entre os finalistas já proporcionou à Mosaic uma visibilidade que dificilmente seria alcançada pelos meios tradicionais. hiperlegal ver uma comu sintonizada c/ nossos dias e aproveitando as oportunidades de forma hábil e bem-humorada.

aqui o McManus pede p/ a galera votar no vídeo e aqui vc confere frases legais dele (em português).


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