Férias pornôs

Film studios are a frequent stop for the typical Los Angeles tourist – and the really lucky ones sometimes get a brief glimpse of their favorite star making a movie.

Technically, things aren’t vastly different for the folks who book their trips through Porn Week – though these vacationers catch a whole lot more than a quick glimpse of the actors. Instead, they’re on the set of a porn film – watching, helping behind the scenes or (if they’re brave enough) perhaps joining the cast themselves.

It’s Fantasyland, to be sure – but Mickey and Donald are nowhere in sight.

A porn-themed vacation is hardly everyday, but it’s not as far from the mainstream as you might think. In fact, the U.K.’s Bravo television network has aired a reality show centered around the Porn Week travel company for more than four seasons.

“We’re a traveling circus that follows larger budget porn productions around,” says Gary
Gazzman, executive producer on the show.

Of course, there are still a few stigmas that go along with porn. Gazzman is an alias. He declined to give his real surname, as he also does work in the traditional film field and is afraid his work with Porn Week (both the company and the show) could affect his reputation. Leia +.

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